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On March 8, 2012, Women’s Day took the world by storm.


And the Wamu Center was no different.


Suffused with jubilation and a spirit of ecstatic celebration, the event brought together all of the wonderful women who participate in, and enjoy the services of the Wamu Center. Dance, light, laughter and prayer- the best combination of events peppered with genuine joy and enthusiasm marked the event that day.


Woman’s Day at the Wamu Center was a day of celebration.


A day of giving thanks.


Among the scores of lamps that were lit that day, the flame of one lovely candle of shone bright, magically and charmingly so. The Little Lady is elegantly petite, a delicate, slip of a girl, if you will. But the bright glow of energy and vibrant vigour in her wonderful form made her seem big. This wonderful girl was the first one who began dancing, the first one that built the dance circles. Each of her movements were big, vivacious and suffused with life and energy. She smiled, she laughed, she clapped. She wove in and out of the crowd, spoke to everyone, bonding with genuine fervour.


She could have been anywhere, this girl. At some bright party as a young socialite. At some big shindig somewhere, as the birthday girl’s best friend, nay, the birthday girl herself.


But this young face has a story behind it. A story that is barely bereft of pain.


When Marie met this lovely soul, barely when a week had passed into her arrival in the DRC, this girl was a different person. She approached Marie and Dominique on the road outside the Panzi Hospital.

She was soft-spoken. Reserved. Dignified.


Her eyes were glued to the ground, she moved nervously, warily.


“I have problems with my female-tubes”, she told them. “The pain is so intense that I cannot eat, sleep, or do anything.”


Marie moved away from the conversation, tears crowding her eyes. Could she help this girl? Could the Wamu Project help this girl? Could WiWZ make a difference to her?


A few weeks later, Marie got her answer.


WiWZ did. And the Wamu does.


Women in War Zones was able to help this woman to pay her medical bills and receive treatment at the hospital.


“When I saw her on Woman’s Day, yesterday, she seemed like a new woman.” Says Marie.



It is moments like this that fill us with hope and reward.


Help us make a difference to women like this lovely soul, this Little Lady. Join us as armchair activists on facebook and twitter, sends us Buckets of Change or be a Peacemaker, or send us something from our Amazon wish-list.


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